October 2019

We are excited to be working with the human rights team at Oxford Brookes on several upcoming events, leading up to the Oxford Human Rights Festival in March 2020. Before then, we'll be speaking on the panel at the Acting Against Modern Slavery event on Thursday 17th October, details of which you can see here.

During the day we'll be holding outreach events around the Brookes campus to start conversations with students and staff about modern day slavery. Find out more here

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August 2019

After re-writing the script in January, it was finally time to share it and have it read out by some brilliant actors. Thanks to Rebeka Dio, Ines Autonell, Heta Nikula, Donald Craigie, Tiffer Hutchings and Lucy Barton for all being there and bringing the script to life!

planet b oxford.jpg


July 2019

Planet B has two homes: Oxford and London. Of course London has it's advantages, but Oxford offers a serene setting in which to get work done. Admin in the botanical gardens anyone?! 

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January 2019

Thanks to advice from anti-trafficking charity A21, Playwright Lucy Barton and directors Lydia and Holly spent two days in January re-writing the script for 'Traffik'. We are extremely grateful to Jeremy Newton, who let us take over his dining room table for the cause!



August 2018

We were lucky enough to receive this funding award in 2018. The Chris Johnston Memorial fund was established in 2017. It supports the professional development of new theatre makers whose interests lie in the creation of work with and/or for communities.  The fund is held by Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) and administered by Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. The funding allowed us to research and develop our show Traffik, and build this very website!

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June 2018

Offbeat Festival gave us the perfect opportunity to share our show 'Traffik' with audiences in Oxford. The annual festival welcomes new work to Oxford and takes place at Arts at The Old Fire Station and The Oxford Playhouse. We performed Traffik in a dressing room on the top floor of the Playhouse, and were pretty fit by the end of the day after personally fetching each audience member from the stage door! We're so grateful to OffBeat for giving us a warm welcome; we had a great time!