About Us

Here at Planet B Productions we create immersive and interactive theatre that is politically motivated. The company engages with social justice issues such as human trafficking, mental health, veganism, and the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on our environment. 

Our mission is to highlight humanitarian issues that as a society we often feel apathetic and detached from, with the aim of increasing public engagement, and ultimately eliciting positive change. Planet B achieves this by approaching incomprehensibly large issues through personal narratives.

We are an Oxford UK based company with connections throughout Britain.


Lydia Markham

co-artistic director

Lydia Markham graduated from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance with a BA (Hons) in European Theatre.  Lydia is an associate artist of Smoking Apples Theatre working as a puppeteer and maker. Lydia enjoys sharing her skills with young people. She has recently taught ensemble skills with Artemis College and facilitates Spectrum Youth Theatre (a group for young people who also have Autism). Lydia is particularly passionate about advocating for women's rights, and educating people on the importance of mental health and wellbeing. 


Holly Taylor-Zuntz

co-artistic director

Holly founded Planet B Productions while at Rose Bruford College, studying on the BA (Hons) European Theatre Arts Course. She combined the devising and creative skills she learnt on the course with a passion for social justice, to create interactive installations on urgent topics that she cared about such as women’s rights, environmentalism and veganism. Holly is a singer, actor and musician as well as a producer and director of Planet B.